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Ferrarini in all its supply chain pays specific attention to everything which concerns the residence building.

Designers and individuals engaged in the construction or renovation projects will find in Ferrarini all the technical support needed to get optimal solutions for every technical and aesthetic demand.Choosing the products carefully selected by Ferrarini, it means to obtain a safety and certified guarantee, checked quality, avant-garde trends and a personalize design, with the awareness to avoid any unpleasant surprises at the end of the works, or even worse in the years following the installation.

The range of Ferrarini’s products includes the most modern technology. Home automation applications, motorized and electronic security openings with the possibility of interaction with the most popular home automations systems, make possible a building technologically advanced even for the use of complete automated systems to facilitate people and for the elimination of architectural barriers. Electronics is the latest innovative value that blends with the burglary features and unlimited opportunities for customization of the Ferrarini’s products.legni-naturali

Furthermore, Ferrarini Company to ensure the achievement of the design standards of its products, uses only trained and tested technicians, according to the Posa Sicura Ferrarini system, which forecasts a constant participation of its technicians to sector training courses of the technical devices. Specialization courses concerning the anchoring techniques of armored components, burglary opening methodologies and forcing methods of the anti-violation systems as well as techniques for the installation of the anti-tamper systems.

When the installation is completed, the Company releases to its Customers the “very good job done” installation certificate, according to the Posa Sicura Ferrarini system and ensuring a proper installation of each Ferrarini armored component, provided with specialized pose.


Thousands of aesthetic combinations are available among different elements which can be combined between them, making of your home an unique one: interior and exterior doors, windows and patio doors, garage door and sectional carport, armored doors and windows for building, equipped with handles, panels with geometric shapes in several colors; made with natural wood, aluminum or synthetic surface treatments with high durability and resistance ecological paint, or coating with precious materials like glazed or metal inserts.

The Company produces and installs tested components so that it is possible to make a long and continuous series of opening and closing cycles, in order to ensure ten-year duration of the products.


Moreover, thanks to the products and services offered by Ferrarini, suitable for improving energy, nowadays you can reduce up to 80% the carbon dioxide emissions in the air and energy costs for the production of heating and cooling. Ferrarini assembles doors, windows and products that guarantee safety and residential comfort, in full compliance with the environmental protection and future generations.

From the energy viewpoint, the most advanced technologies to build homes are available for a long time, but still the population struggles to recognize and accept them: it is time to seriously apply these concepts and Ferrarini Company plays an active part in this project.

FERRARINI was one of the first organizations in Parma and in Italy to have obtained the “POSACLIMA system” certification. It uses CERTIFICATES original materials by the responsible organization CASA CLIMA, which in Trentino Alto Adige deals with the physical verification of the correspondence to the expected energy class from the manufacturer’s project. Ferrarini Company, anticipating the rules concerned, has previously formed all its internal and external technicians, now specialized and registered in the register as qualified and EXPERT layers regarding the REDEVELOPMENT of the WINDOW HOLE as visible on the web-site


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