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Since 1978, Ferrarini has been manufacturing security doors to the highest quality standards, customised and designed according to customer requirements: single-leaf or double panel doors or glazed panel doors, with fanlight and/or glazed or blind side panels.

Special doors are all in a day’s work for us.

The building of Ferrarini security doors is entirely entrusted to Ferrarini internal personnel: finishes and refined detailing are carried out by expert and extremely skilled Ferrarini craftsmen.

The keys to our success are our artisan, handcraft flexibility tradition, together with ongoing research and adoption of extremely high quality materials, all 100% made in Italy: selling high-quality products, providing expertise and professionalism to customers, installing products offering maximum security and reliability with custom design, according to tastes and requirements, with high durability and wear resistance. We have the potential and ability to meet and exceed the the most sophisticated and demanding customer requirements, in any architectural and structural context, modelling a products and adapting it to suit any type of application.

Installing and exporting products with the highest quality standards, providing expert advice and Italian know-how consolidated on the market over the last 40 years, in strict respect of the environment and sustainability. Ferrarini security doors do not just mean security: specialised in installaing insulation systems, Ferrarini security doors are the perfect solution for providing a high level of acoustic and thermal insulation in any situation where a high degree of insulation is required and for enhancing the liveability of rooms and the home. A key factor in Ferrarini’s success is the role played by the ongoing training of Ferrarini’s technicians: consolidation of experience gained in the field and training under the POSACLIMA system certified by the Bolzano Casaclima agency has provided all Ferrarini staff with the tools required for building and installing products and systems.

All achievable forms of Security Doors Ferrarini


For a number of years now, with recent performance levels required by modern homes built according to the strictest European standards, a series of innovations have been introduced regarding thermal, acoustic and insulation properties making Ferrarini security doors the best you will find on the security door market for high thermal insulating features.
Ferrarini is the right partner for working together to design safe and comfortable living spaces, fully respecting the environment and in compliance with the strictest legislation in force. The decision to focus on high standards of craftmanship quality and technological innovation has led the company to stand out in the manufacture of security doors and high quality security systems, offering special safety, thermal and acoustic performance. Indeed, Ferrarini devotes great attention to the technological content of its products and internal components used in building.

Long life is the main virtue of Ferrarini security doors

And it is one of the intrinsic values which are difficult to measure but forms part of the basic concept of our company. Ferrarini manufactures and installs components tested for withstanding a long series of continuous opening and closing cycles, for meeting 10-year product warranties; the cycles determine how long components maintain their functionality over time before requiring adjustment work. The range of Ferrarini security doors incorporates the most modern technology: the various solutions offered are able to meet the needs of customers searching for domotic applications and motorised or electronic opening systems, with the option of interacting with the most commonly used home automation systems rendering a building technologically advanced awhile incorporating the use of fully automated systems facilitating people who are otherwise able and for overcoming architectural barriers. Electronics is the latest innovative value added to products that merges burglary resistance features with endless options for customising Ferrarini products.

Hundreds of aesthetic combinations

Choose from the various design elements which can be combined together in an original way, rendering your security door one of its kind: handles, geometric-shape panels available in many colours, built in natural wood or aluminium or synthetic materials with high-durability surface treatments and resistant ecological coatings or with precious finishing materials, such as glazed and metal inlays.

Pre- and After-sales Service

The guarantee of qualified, pre-purchase advise and design support, in addition to technical and scheduled maintenance assistance are all services forming part of the values added to Ferrarini products.


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