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Who We Are

//Who We Are

Ferrarini is an artisan Company born in the 1978 from an idea of the founder Vittorio Ferrarini, who has passed all his knowledge on his children Marco and Roberta. Nowadays, they are strategically in charge of the Management and Administration of the Company.

Since its foundation, the Company has always the same mission: to install exclusively high quality products, providing to the Customer professionalism and expertise by installing safety products which are reliable and lasting during the time.

The key of the success of a company, which is in the market for more than 35 years, is given by the great artisan experience and by the highest quality of the products (severely 100% made in Italy).


Ferrarini in all passages of its supply chain, pays attention to every detail regarding the residential building. Designers and individuals who are committed in the construction or renovation, will find in Ferrarini the whole technical support that is necessary to get optimal solutions for every kind of technical and aesthetic demand. Choosing the products which are carefully selected by Ferrarini, it means to obtain a safety and certified guarantee, checked quality, avantgarde systems and a personalised design.

Ferrarini pays great attention to the technological content of its products and for all building internal parts. The current upgrade of the new manufacturing and expository office in Parma, with the introduction of a new and more dynamic processing line, has made the production even more flexible. Thanks to this enlargement, we have extended our products with several innovations, offering the possibility to personalize externally with unlimited aesthetic and technological combinations, even more with applied electronics of the most recent generation. They can be adapted to the most varied and complex security requirements or elimination of the architectural barriers.

The excellent safety performance of Ferrarini’s products and of the accessories for interiors, are the result of several tests on single components. Ferrarini has developed an internal mini laboratory and technicians can make placement and endurance checks on their prototypes and products. The aim of the test is to discover in every door and in every single component, points of vulnerability, which are not considered by the “standard tests” already carried out by certified laboratories (such as the resistance to the manipulation by experts in “attacks with dexterity” on locks and related components anti-intrusion).

Behind the excellent results achieved by the Company, there is passion for the job and for the team synergy. Thanking to people with the desire, creativity and tenacity succeed every time to transform the own work into a work of art, just as it has taught to the staff the “Master of Art Ferrarini Vittorio”.

Pre-sales and design qualified support, post-sales technical support, scheduled maintenance, customer service: they are pat of the added values to Ferrarini’s products.


Nowadays, more than 75000 families are living peacefully in the own houses and comfort spaces, because of their choice to install armor doors and safety components made by Ferrarini. The Company is always in a continued growth and it has the requirements and the potentiality to satisfy the expectations of every Customer. Whatever is the architectural and structural environment, Ferrarini shapes the product and adjusts it to every necessity.

Furthermore Ferrarini is specialized regarding the installation of acoustic and heat insulation systems of doors and windows. First-class 100% made in Italy products which are carefully selected by Ferrarini. These products respect completely the high quality philosophy of doors and armored components of own production.

For some years given the new rules that are required from the modern residences built on the basis of the strict EU standards, new innovations have been introduced regarding the heat, acoustic and insulation features, so that the products made by Ferrarini are the best choice you can find in the safety doors, heat insulation doors, windows as well as building latches.

The choice to aim on the highest standards of artisan quality and on the technological innovation, has distinguished the Company about the production of the insulation latches and high security systems which have special heat and acoustic safety services. They are provided by accessories of the same quality level even for internal latches or windows.



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