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SAFETY and PROTECTION CERTIFIED according to Standards EN 1627/30

The factors that significantly increase the security of FERRARINI’s security offering are: certified burglary resistance class, internal reinforcement, rip-proof escutcheons, locking pins and deviators, external security defender, rip-resistant, drill-proof and anti-shock, armoured steel, anti-explosion European cylinder with European profile and FERRARINI custom anti-duplication and anti-bumping keys with card for FERRARINI protected duplicate cutting.

THERMAL INSULATION according to UNI EN ISO 10077-1 and UNI EN ISO 10077-2

Thermal insulation is the ability to prevent the passage of heat, attested by certified agencies and measured in W/m2K. Ferrarini meets and exceeds, by a very large margin, the parameters currently required under the Standard, adopting over time any design-manufacturing measures required, as well as adapting the types of heat insulation materials employed, improving home liveability and cutting heating costs. The green philosophy of the company provides for the use of estremely high-quality thermal insulation materials which are 100% recyclable.

SOUND INSULATION according to ISO 140-3 and ISO 717-1

Soundproofing power describes the ability of a structure to prevent the transit of noise and is certfied by certified agencies and measured in dB. Ferrarini pays particular attention also to the acoustic comfort of environments: technical advancements in materials used, application of small but important design features over time and ongoing technical research today form part of the consolidated experience in soundproofing materials that means Ferrarini products achieve the highest standards of ambient acoustic comfort. Sound-absorbing materials employed are very high quality, high-tech and totally recyclable in line with the company’s green philosophy.

WIND RESISTANCE according to UNI EN 1211 and UNI EN 12210

Wind resistance describes the ability to withstand wind load and is rated on a scale from the lowest resistance class (1A) to the best performance class (5C). All Ferrarini products for external applications have passed wind resistance tests under the Standard, always satisfying the highest wind force categories.

WATER-TIGHTNESS according to UNI EN 1027 and UNI EN 12208

Water-tightness describes the ability to withstand water infiltrations and is rated on a scale “from the worst (1A)” “to the best (9A)”. All Ferrarini products for external applications have passed water resistance tests. Ferrarini has introduced significant product technical enhancements over time, adapting the types of insulation materials and construction techniques used, achieving very high levels of water penetration insulation, which vary depending on the model and type of installation.

AIRTIGHTNESS according to UNI EN 1026 and UNI EN 12207

Airtightness describes the quantity of air which a closed window or door allows to filter through and is measured on a scale ranging from the worst (1) to the best (4). All Ferrarini products have passed air resistance tests, obtaining the highest insulation levels for air infiltration which vary depending on the model and type of installation.

LIFE and PERFORMANCE guaranteed over TIME

Ferrarini products are fitted with adjusters that allow for perfect adjustment during installation or for the original fitting to be restored even after years of use in the event of movement in support structures or sagging and bulging of flooring. Subscribing to the scheduled maintenance after-sales service performed by Ferrarini Certified specialised technicians provides a guarantee for long life and design performance.


Ferrarini, with its flexible, custom manufacturing approach, builds products only employing materials offering the highest levels of quality and performance, which can be totally personalised. Ferrarini products allow you to choose both the inside and outside style of doors and safety components, with a view to guaranteeing maximum product performance and functional features. In fact, one of Ferrarini’s distinctive traits is the building of special “custom” and “non-standard” products.


Details are what make the difference. Ferrarini manufactures its products with the ambition of satisfying the expectations of its customers, suggesting and making sure that all details are perfect for achieving an aesthetic result in line with contemporary trends or traditional styles, based on customer needs and tastes.


Ferrarini places the EC mark on its products certifying that they comply with requisites under legislation in force for marketing, selling and use within the European Union.


To achieve the highest performance levels and for exclusively building products of the highest quality, Ferrarini exploits the opportunity for working together with the best companies worldwide, with which it has entered into important commercial agreements and implemented synergies for the development and finalisation of new products which have a high technological content, are cutting-edge and in step with the times.


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