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After-Sales & Emergency Help Service 24-7


//After-Sales & Emergency Help Service 24-7

Ferrarini provides all customers with a toll free number 800 944 604. The after-sales and emergency help service is active 24/7.


An operator at the Ferrarini offices will respond during standard business hours for meeting all normal and routine assistance.

During office closing hours and public holidays, an external Ferrarini Call Centre operator will respond to assist customers, record problems and indicate call-out priority and, in urgent cases, he/she will provide a contact number for Ferrarini external locksmiths on call that (against payment to be agreed separately and directly with the locksmith who will be remedying the call-out problem) may deal with any opening required of locked/blocked doors and/or temporary and/or final repair and/or replacement of lock parts where picking has been attempted or in the case of tampering due to improper use.

All Ferrarini products have a long life but over time they, like all other products, require servicing and maintenance. A check up by a technical expert on the state of wear and tear of support and moving components, as well as security-related performance of the locking and blocking mechanisms will protect users from unpleasant surprises: thieves are always up-to-speed, and Ferrarini recommends always “staying one step ahead” of them!

Ferrarini offers its customers a special convention for an after-sales assistance service with scheduled routine maintenance by an expert servicing technician, qualified under the Posa Sicura Ferrarini (Ferrarini Secure Installation) system. Ferrarini technicians also operate on-call and carry out routine and special repairs and maintenance on windows and doors, interior doors, windows, up-and-over garage doors, leaved doors, security doors, fire doors and emergency escape route doors for all brands and any type, replacing locks and installing security locks on up-and-over garage doors and leaved or shutter doors.



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Toll-Free Number, the after-sales and emergency help service is active 24/7.


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