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Ferrarini is an Italian Company specialized in the production of security doors, reinforced gates and special security systems for homes, garages, offices and shops.

The Company was founded in 1978 from an idea of Vittorio Ferrarini, founder of the Company and creator of the first Ferrarini security door.

A family devoted to entrepreneurship

The basics of this winning idea date back to the previous decade, specifically 1968, when Vittorio Ferrarini founded Farma Lifts with his father Guido and his brother Gianni, – leader Company in the lift sector, currently run by the brother’s family, the surveyor Gianni Ferrarini, with his sons Alan and Ivan. Afterwards the entrepreneur founded the foreign branches of the Company Farma lifts based in Prague (Czech Republic) and Bucharest (Romania).

The security problem

Upon his return from a four years experience in San Paulo, where crime and theft were taking nothing short worrisome proportions, the Parmesan entrepreneur intuits that shortly thereafter the lack of safety would also become a growing problem at all levels in our Country.
In 1977
deeply attached to his artisan origins and strong of his previous experiences, Vittorio Ferrarini decided to take the first step to respond to the growing security needs by families: he found a small artisan blacksmith, craft manufacturer of hinged lift doors, he asks him to change the product on demand, thereby creating the first prototype of a security door that is initially installed and tested ” by the family” … at the home of Elda mother!

A test… with the family

In the years ahead, the founder of what would become the great dynasty of Ferrarini security doors, had a tester of exception: the Company founder’s mother, Mrs. Elda Ferrarini lived in first person the unforgettable (in all senses) installation of “beta”: a heavy 250 kilograms security door, which had to be carried up to the second floor by the arms of three people. However, it did not end there: it was necessary to tear down the inlet wall, scattering building rubble everywhere, and eventually it took two whole days to finish the work.
(Of course the installation of Ferrarini modern security doors has nothing to do with it: we would like to remind to Customers that today are used fast, effective and above all minimally invasive techniques!)

The first years of activity

After one year from the experiment, given the increasing interest in the product, Vittorio Ferrarini decided to found the Company Ferrarini Srl, whose first headquarters was located in Parma Colorno road. Thus takes place the beginning in 1978 the production and marketing of security custom-made doors with Ferrarini brand.
In the following years the escalation of the theft and the building boom of the eighties allow to the Company to organize, keeping the craft origins of the product together with the quality that has always characterized the Ferrarini brand.

Increasing of the Ferrarini business

In 1979 Ferrarini broadens the range of its products, by starting internal production of heavy armored steel rolling shutters through the purchase of a special profiling machine for tape profiling shutters (today still in production , one of the safest methods for protection of balcony windows and doors with higher rolling).
Five years later, the factory moves to the headquarters in Via Sonnino, doubling the structure and its internal production, creating a resellers and retailers network and increasing the notoriety and diffusion of the high standard Ferrarini brand always symbol of quality craftsmanship.
In 1990, the Company’s business takes a major step forward with the introduction of new armored products: it begins the internal production of light carpentry as gates, gratings, shutters and blinds, in order to meet the increasing requests for protection solutions of the windows.

Difficult Years

Since 1993 the building crisis triggered by the investigation called “Mani Pulite” puts the business reality through its paces on the business organization created by Vittorio Ferrarini: so that over the years the Company is resized and some stores are forced to close.
The Company faces head-on the hard period, keeping up its solid and deeply- rooted Company profile, and continuing to produce all in-house and craftsmanship with the highest quality standards. So, despite the prohibitive increases in raw material and labor costs, not to mention the increasingly burdensome Italian taxation, Ferrarini manages to overcome the crisis with dignity and seriousness.

The international renaissance

In 2001, once the crisis is over, Ferrarini decides to renew its production conceiving the Ferrarini security door with European Cylinder, commercialized in Europe thanks to the Eurozone and the allowable free movement of goods.
The Company launches a new revolution, creating its own distribution network in the Country and Europe; thanks to its highly trained and qualified technicians, they provide to install directly and everywhere their products.

Three years later, the first electronic innovation: born the Ferrarini EVOLUTION security door, equipped with a motorized electronic lock with transponder proximity sensors (without the use of mechanical keys for opening and closing). Ferrarini fulfills the staff training in a professional way adapting its production standards to the market innovations in electronics and home automation, satisfying in this way the most demanding and sophisticated Customers.

Ideas and energy of youth

In 2005 Vittorio Ferrarini, with great pride, welcomes in the Company two of his three children, Marco and Roberta, both coming from a ten years experience at the his brother’s Company, Farma Lifts.
It is the beginning of the generational change: business continuity finally arrives in the Ferrarini Company.
The new, young energy of the family allows the Company to creating new synergies leading to a significant technological advancement, with the implementation of computerized systems and new management methods, ensuring a stable future to the existing structure and strengthening artisan roots and the brand, symbol of innovation.

The unstoppable course of technological advancement

In 2009 the internal design begins and the subsequent production of the new version of the security FERRARINI – SUPER door with European Cylinder, from this moment on, it is characterized by high thermal insulation as well as high air and wind load.
In 2011, a couple of years later, the technological advancements are also applied to the double swing doors in order to get the certifications related to the most complex installations with certified setup according to POSACLIMA system (studied with the CASACLIMA Agency of Bolzano).
In 2013 a new small evolution: the adjustable three directions hinges that allow a perfect and linear door alignment, allowing to the installation technicians to obtain the maximum performance from Ferrarini security doors.

The new headquarters and the most recent years

In 2014 Ferrarini moved to its current location, even wider than the previous one: the structure is distant only 100 meters, in the modernized warehouse of Via Depretis in Parma, and the change could be defined as epochal. In fact, the new headquarters is equipped with a new and modern system of craft production, internal show-room with exhibition of products and offices with management and internal administration.
At present, the new employees are directly selected and trained by Ferrarini: thanks to continuous technical and normative updating of its inner staff, the Company can boast a team of trusted and highly skilled technicians.

As a matter of fact, Ferrarini technicians deal with the product from beginning to end of the supply chain: design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and repair.

The Company’s technicians and employees have knowledge and expertise relating to the entire range of the Ferrarini products, and they directly intervene wherever necessary and required e competenze tecniche relative a tutta la gamma dei prodotti Ferrarini, e intervengono direttamente ovunque sia necessario e richiesto.

Continuity, quality, competence, reliability, flexibility of the 100% Made in Italy product: these are the five words that best describe the Ferrarini Company identity.

Toward the aim of 40 years at the service of your Security!



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