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Ferrarini Scheduled After-Sales Maintenance Service

//Scheduled After-Sales Maintenance Service

All Ferrarini products have a basic two-year warranty coverage.

This period may be extended up to 10 years via subscribing to the “Ferrarini scheduled after-sales maintenance service” (only in the case of installation by Ferrarini authorised Certificated technicians).

Subscription to the scheduled maintenance service convention provides access to special benefits:

  1. call-out priority in the event of emergency or attempted break in with relevant processing of the request for assistance and response processed and completed in the fasted time possible;
  2. access to special discounts for new technological and/or design solutions;
  3. special discounts for new supplies and new future installations.

By subscribing to the 5 or 10-year scheduled maintenance service, the period of the product warranty may be extended up to a total of 10 years*
*(only on request at the time of purchase with the signing of the “Ferarrini scheduled maintenance after-sales service” convention, for a minimum compulsory 5 or 10-year period, reserved exclusively for new Ferrarini products with installation and maintenance directly performed by specialist technicians, verified according to the Ferrarini Secure Installation system).

In addition, Ferrarini technicians handle extraordinary maintenance on an “on call” basis (which includes repairs and reactivation in the event of damage due to break in) and they perform regular and preventive/upgrading maintenance of any kind and on any door or window and pre-existing closing mechanism.

The repair and routine and extraordinary maintenance of doors and windows, interior doors, windows, up-and-over and leaved doors and windows, security doors, fire doors and doors on escape routes for all brands and types, replacing locks and installation of security locks on garage up-and-over doors and leaved or shutter doors; Ferrarini, with certification for maintenance of fire doors and escape route doors, is specialised in the repair, routine and extraordinary maintenance of all types of windows and doors built in steel, aluminum, wood, PVC or composites.

Maintenance may be scheduled every six months for “escape route doors” or for “fire doors” (mandatory by law for these types), on an annual basis for “conservative” maintenance of windows, doors, roller shutters, windows, gates and window and door grills, up-and-over doors and shutting mechanisms for garages and carports, industrial doors and closing techniques for any type and brand of closing application (maintenance is optional for manual movement and is mandatory by law, at least yearly, for all motorised or automated parts).

On entrusting Ferrarini with the scheduled maintenance service, FUTURE.NET, specialised software for sheduling and organising maintenance for ensuring that locking mechanisms comply with law will directly manage this aspect. The software will report the due date for scheduled maintenance to Ferrarini technicians and staff. Call us and ask for a technical consultation and a cost estimate.



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