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Thanks to products suitable for energy recuperation, today it is possible to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 80%, generated by heating and hot water systems, significantly reducing heating costs.

In addition, with the very recent legisative measures in force from 2015, regulations need to be complied with also during the warmest months of the year. Special solar insulation systems for glazed surfaces, in fact, allow summer cooling costs to be significantly reduced and can be adopted for all gazing applications, from those facing east and west to those facing south. Ferrarini already from 2014 has provided that, in the design of glazing in its products, heat protection systems are used both in cold and hot conditions.

ClimateHouse and POSACLIMA are synonymous with high energy-saving building design and healthy living. In an era marked by the constant depletion of the reserves of energy sources, such as oil and gas, ClimateHouse and POSACLIMA combine wellbeing and cost savings. The factors allowing us to define a building as “ClimateHouse” are building energy requirements that can be calculated with a practical energy calculation system.

A ClimateHouse building is characterised by a high degree of thermal insulation and by a compact structure. The sun and its heat rays are part of the building concept of a ClimateHouse building: solar energy is stored mainly thanks to insulating windows that receive light but do not allow winter heat to be dispersed outside and summer heat to enter. ClimateHouse buildings are characterised by optimal installations design, by careful building and by liveability. Doors and exterior windows and security entrance doors are key elements of a ClimateHouse project and, as a result have to comply with the following features:

  • a high degree of thermal insulation. Ferrarini establishing, as an essential priority, the use of the best, certified insulating materials on the market, only using original materials for the high-energy efficient POSACLIMA system in production processes and installations;
  • seal tightness: Ferrarini using in both manufacturing and installation processes of the latest rubber compounds for insulating joints between fixed frame and movable leaves using the best original materials for outer edge airtight sealing for the high-energy efficient POSACLIMA system.
  • Absence of thermal bridges: Ferrarini designing the security doors and windows using the strictest criteria under current legislation, to prevent the formation of “thermal bridges” inside and outside the security door and windows. During installation Ferrarini exclusively use of POSACLIMA materials and strict adoption of criteria prescribed under the high-energy efficient POSACLIMA system.

Building using environmentally friendly and recyclable materials Ferrarini for this reason, the possibility of differentiating in the building products used into raw materials that are fully recyclable as a key priority, for the purpose of creating a second life for those materials Ferrarini using the innovative POSACLIMA system: a solution which is able to guarantee an excellent level of joint sealing in security doors and windows, ensuring complete shielding from drafts and humidity. Contrary to conventional installation methods, using foams and standard silicones which are exposed to wear and tear, PosaClima exploits the resistance of special materials that, when applied, prevent the formation of cracks in walls and air and water infiltration. The result is thermal and sound insulation which is an industry first and resulting reduction of heating costs in the cold winter months and conditioning cooling costs during hot summer periods.

For optimal insulation which is able to last over time and use of joint movements sealants and thermo-expanding tape, via which hollow cavities are totally sealed, enhancing heat and sound insulating performance of doors and windows, even when exposed to extreme weathering.

Ferrarini Ferrarini was one of the first maufacturers in Parma and in Italy to have obtained the “POSACLIMA” system certification and use within the system use original materials CERTIFIED by the agency entrusted with CLIMATEHOUSE certification which, in Trentino Alto Adige is responsible for physical audit and correspondence to the energy class provided by the manufacturer’s design.

Ferrarini ahead of legislation dealing with this area, Ferrarini has previously provided training courses for all its technicians, specialised and now in possession of a certificate attesting attendance of an installation training course for the “PosaClima System” (registered as Qualified Installation Fitters) and EXPERTS in WINDOW SPACE UPGRADING (registered with the list of EXPERT Installation Fitters) on the PosaClima www.posaclima.it website

Thanks to the experience of skilled and trained technicians and their training and know-how, you will have the certainty and peace of mind that a professional job will be done to the highest standards of workmanship; on completion of installation, in fact, a INSTALLATION TO WORKMANSHIP STANDARDS CERTIFICATE will be issued.



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