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Ferrarini security windows and French windows

/Ferrarini security windows and French windows

Armored windows & armored glass doors

Armored and security roller shutters

Security and armored shutters

Opening armored gates and armored fixed gratings

Extensible armored gates

The range of Ferrarini security windows and French windows unites robustness with contemporary style, together, upon request from a customer, with the latest and most advanced technologies. The option of installing one of the most modern alarm systems, with open or closed position sensors, vibration sensors and knocking sensors, checking the state of rest of each window directly via the wireless control unit inside the home or via the handy application that can be installed on Smartphones and tablets, thereby also rendering window protection technologically advanced. Electronics are the latest new feature adding value, bringing together burglar-proof features and endless possibilities for customising products.

Ferrarini security doors are not just security; specialists in the installation of insulation systems, Ferrarini security doors are the perfect solution for addressing all situations where it is necessary to achieve a high level of heat and noise insulation, enhancing home and room liveability.

For several years now, with recent demands for performance required by modern homes built according to the strictest European standards, a series of innovations has been introduced regarding thermal, noise and insulating properties, which make Ferrarini security windows and doors the best you can find on the market today when looking for security windows and French windows with high heat insulating features. Design capability and internal selection of complementary products, as well as comprehensive knowledge of materials relating to glass surfaces, give Ferrarini security windows and doors unique technical, thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics, in addition to extreme resistance to wind force and water infiltration or condensation formation.

The guarantee of having qualified pre-purchase advice and design support, in addition to technical assistance and scheduled maintenance are customer services forming part of the values added to Ferrarini products.

Long life is the key virtue of Ferrarini security windows and doors


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