Ferrarini armored steel doors 20/10 mm for French windows and windows

  • Burglary resistant from class 3 to class 5, certified in compliance with Standard EN ISO 1627 – 1630
  • Entirely built in galvanised, cold-rolled steel 20/10mm, sectioned and electro-welded
  • Coated in epoxy-polyester powders, kiln-fired at 180 °C, according to RAL colour table
  • Type of glass to use in frames:
    • SHATTER-PROOF and SAFETY GLASS: is a type of laminated glass that withstands impacts caused by common thieves using simple and common equipment (screwdrivers and blunt instruments, etc.), not exactly security glass but just safety category;
    • SECURITY CRIME RESISTANT AND SLEDGE-HAMMER-PROOF GLASS: is the first type of security laminated glass which withstands blows inflicted by heavy equipment like a sledge-hammer or axe, forming a robust structure that prevents breaking and shattering of the glass even after a series of blows;
    • SECURITY BULLET-PROOF GLASS: is the ultimate security laminated glass that is resistant to bullets fired from the most powerful caliber handguns but also shoulder rifles; various categories exist, defined according to the types of resistance to diverse firearms.

On request:

  • Option of two-colour coating in different RAL colours on the outside and on the inside
  • Version option available with vibration sensor alarm, with wireless control unit, compatible with APP for smartphones with IOS or Android operating systems.

Ferrarini Warranty: Made in Italy experience for 2 generations, quality and precision design, combined with the choice of prime quality materials, for unequalled security performance fused with 100% Italian style and design.

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